Hello! Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking an interest in my artwork!!! If you would like any commissions done or have any questions/want to talk, feel free to message me or ship me an email at [email protected] Other than that, my only wish is that you take time to reflect on the artwork on this site- I hope that it will better your life as it has mine.

The style of art that I strive for is that of a bittersweet romantic realism. Many of my pictures have a sappy or sad tone, and yet despite this I try to add an uplifting touch to each to create a union of light and dark. Through my art I hope to imbue a better understanding and sense of hope in others. Life isn't always fun and pleasant, and through my art I try to convey the beauty that lies dormant in each and every moment.

As they say, the darkest nights can produce the brightest stars.

(PS. My best selling pieces so far have been " 'Where do I belong' she ponders" and "A Memory of Love".)

  Thank you again and I hope you enjoy.